Go Programming Language Packages for Oracle Linux

Recent community releases of Go built by Oracle

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Go for Oracle Linux

The Go repositories contain the latest builds of stable Go releases from the community for both x86-64 and ARM (aarch64) architectures. They are provided without support.

Available Go Releases

Go Version Oracle Linux Release Repository
1.13 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang113, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang113
1.12 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang112, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang112
1.11 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang111, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang111
1.10 Oracle Linux 7 x86_64: ol7_developer_golang110, aarch64: ol7_developer_golang110


To install Go from this repository, first install oracle-golang-release-el7 to configure yum settings.

For example, to install the most recent Go version listed above on Oracle Linux 7:

$ sudo yum install -y oracle-golang-release-el7
$ sudo yum install -y golang

Getting Help

For help with Go on Oracle Linux, please visit the Oracle Linux space in the Oracle Developer Community.