Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment 1.4

Latest source packages for Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment Release 1.4 Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64)

  Name Last Modified Size
conmon-2.0.26-2.el8.src.rpm 23-Nov-2021 21:53 97.7 K
cri-o-1.21.4-1.el8.src.rpm 23-Nov-2021 21:57 10.3 M
cri-tools-1.21.0-1.el8.src.rpm 23-Nov-2021 21:45 4.5 M
kubernetes-cni-plugins-0.9.1-2.el8.src.rpm 17-Nov-2021 21:08 1.8 M

Direct Yum Repository URL:​repo/​OracleLinux/​OL8/​olcne14/​aarch64

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